Apple began offering refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices on the Apple Store Tuesday, as first reported by 9to5Mac. Refurbished iPhone 6s models start at US$449 with 16GB of storage, while 16GB iPhone 6s Plus models start at $529. 64GB iPhone 6s Plus are currently priced at $589.

Screenshot of iPhone 6s Refurb Models on Apple Store Online

iPhone 6s Refurb Models on Apple Store Online

Those prices sort of represent a 15% discount, but comparisons are difficult because new devices are available in 32GB and 128GB capacities. But, for those who can handle 16GB of storage, $449 for an iPhone 6s is a solid deal.

Apple Refurbs

Apple has long operated a refurbished stores for Macs, iPods, iPads, and several other products. This is the first time, however, that refurbished iPhones have been available since 2007, according to The Next Web.

The way Apple’s refurbished offers work, products are available only while they are in stock. As devices sell out, they get removed.

One more note: Apple’s refurb program is excellent. If the model and configuration I wanted was available, I would personally buy with confidence.

Links to Refurbished iPhones

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