Apple released Shortcuts 2.1.2 for iOS on Tuesday. The update includes the ability to post directly to Tumblr, a new way of calculating time for your Shortcuts, and a lot of bug fixes.

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The update is a 139.9MB download through the App Store.

Apple’s patch notes for Shortcuts 2.1.2

What’s new in Shortcuts 2.1.2

  • Added the Post to Tumblr action
  • The Get Time Between Dates action can now count the number of months between two dates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the screen describing which apps and services are used by a shortcut may not appear when downloading a shortcut
  • Fixed an issue that caused shortcuts with the Open App or Play Sound actions to fail when Siri is used to run the shortcuts
  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts with Repeat with Each actions may freeze when they’re run from the widget or Library tab
  • Fixed an issue where the Phone Number action may not understand phone numbers that contain commas (pauses) or have long extension codes
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Directions action may not work when it’s run from the Shortcuts Today View widget on the Lock screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Add New Reminder action doesn’t work when a time or location isn’t entered
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Payment action may not appear to finish when making Apple Pay Cash payments
  • Fixed an issue where the Ask for Input action’s default answer field for dates wouldn’t support 24-hour time
  • Fixed an issue where the Get Name of Emoji action showed the emoji name in English when the device is set to another language
  • Fixed an issue where some shortcuts may show an error message when they’re run from Search
  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts may fail to download web pages with long Unicode titles
  • Fixed an issue where the Run Editorial Workflow action doesn’t pass a result
  • iCloud sync improvements
  • Localization improvements

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