Apple is Shutting Down Back to My Mac on July 1

On July 1, 2019 Apple plans to shut down its Back to My Mac service. This let users set up a network of Macs that could be accessed remotely, as well as remotely access a different Mac.

Back to My Mac

On a support page, Apple lists tools and service to help users transition out of Back to My Mac. Some alternatives:

In 2018 Apple warned that it would shut down Back to My Mac for macOS Mojave. But it’s now clear that it will be removed altogether, from all versions of macOS.

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3 thoughts on “Apple is Shutting Down Back to My Mac on July 1

  • I still don’t understand what the difference is between Back To My Mac and Screen Sharing, and why both exist(ed) at the same time. Both let you control another Mac, and copy files between each… right? As long as apple leaves Screen Sharing alone, I’m good.

  • Seamless access to your home Mac obviated the need for cloud services. This could not stand.

    Back To My Mac was the only thing we needed and we’re sunk, forever dependent on cloud services. (Make me a one button install private cloud Synology.)

    There are many reasons for cloud services, none to do with serving the customer, not in the privacy or security sense at least and… I thought Apple was ‘supposed’ to be about privacy and security.

    No warrant is required to gain access to data stored on somebody else’s computer, and that’s a boon to the surveillance economy – and even Apple needs to co-operate wth law enforcement. The cloud has never been the right answer for customers’ security and privacy, but you can see every company on the planet jump on board with it.

  • Too Bad ARD has such a large amount of pretty bad reviews just now.
    If apple is zapping Back to my Mac, one would hope there is a robust replacement available for those who might really need it.

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