Apple updated Apple Remote Desktop to version 3.9 Tuesday. The update adds support for the Mac Book Pro’s Touch Bar. It also features the ability to export computer lists and beefs up security.

Apple Remote Desktop and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Release Notes for Apple Remote Desktop 3.9 Client

This update is recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop users and addresses several issues related to compatibility, reliability, and usability as well as the following improvements:

  • Computer lists, complete with credentials, can be exported to an encrypted archive and restored to other viewers
  • Improved security, with an optional compatibility option to support older clients in the Security tab of the Preferences panel
  • Assistance cursors available via a custom toolbar item
  • Support for the Touch Bar

If you have Apple Remote Desktop installed, you’ll find the update in the Mac App Store. You can also download the installer from Apple’s support site, where it’s a 9.3MB download.

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I really hope they introduce a Magic Keyboard with a TouchBar. Better yet an EXTENDED one.