Apple Using PrimeSense Tech for iPhone 8 3D Front Facing Camera

iPhone 8 to get bigger battery and wireless charging

iPhone 8 rumors are pretty much a daily thing now and the latest says the smartphone’s front facing camera will include 3D sensing for facial recognition. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors the camera system will be “revolutionary” thanks to the motion tracking and depth-sensing technology it scored from PrimeSense.

iPhone 8 to get bigger battery and wireless charging
iPhone 8 said to get 3D face scanning camera

The new front facing camera system will include a traditional camera along with an infrared transmitter and receiver. The components work together to make 3D images and will be powered by technology from PrimeSense, which Apple bought in 2013 for US$345 million.

Prior to Apple buying the company, PrimeSense was known for providing the motion tracking technology Microsoft first used in the Xbox Kinect. The company’s technology worked great in Microsoft’s gaming environment, and that may be part of what Apple plans for the iPhone.

According to Mr. Kuo, Apple may use the 3D front facing camera to add user’s faces to video game characters, augmented reality, and 3D selfie photos. He said Apple will also use the camera for iris scanning and facial recognition.

Both iris scanning and facial recognition have been recurring themes in iPhone 8 reports, although this is the first time we’re seeing both as features on the device instead of one or the other. Assuming Apple does include both, they could be used together as an alternative to Touch ID and our fingerprints for unlocking out iPhones.

iPhone 8 and Biometric Scanning

Apple may be heading down that path, although it doesn’t seem likely Touch ID will meet its demise with the iPhone 8. Instead, Apple will likely add its new biometric features to the iPhone as a supplement to Touch ID.

For now, face and iris scanning will be iPhone 8 features, along with an OLED screen and induction charging support.

Apple hasn’t confirmed any iPhone 8 features, or even if the phone is coming at all. Based on the information that’s leaking, however, it’s looking like we really will see a new iPhone model this fall that’s loaded with extra features not available on the refreshed versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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