Apple Updates Support for Multiple Video Codecs with Pro Video Formats 2.0.6

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Apple released Pro Video Formats 2.0.6 Thursday. The update coincided with the release of Final Cut Pro 10.4, and it includes updated support for multiple video codecs.

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Patch Notes for Pro Video Formats 2.0.6

Pro Video Formats includes support for the following professional video codecs:
•    Apple Intermediate Codec
•    Apple ProRes
•    AVC-Intra 50 / 100 / 200 / 4:4:4 / LT
•    AVC-LongG
•    XAVC
•    XF-AVC
•    HDV
•    XDCAM EX / HD / HD422
•    Uncompressed 4:2:2

Pro Video Formats also includes the following MXF support:
•    Play MXF files in QuickTime Player and other supported macOS applications
•    MXF plug-in and presets for use in Compressor 4.3 and earlier

You can download the update from Apple’s support site. It’s a 7.3MB download.

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