CES – Get Many Chargers in One with Unravel From Ampere on Indiegogo

LAS VEGAS – We had a chance to check out Unravel, a Qi charger that may be two or three chargers in one, at this week’s Pepcom Digital Experience! event. Chase Larson, Founder and CEO of Ampere, demonstrated what makes this product unique.

Flat Unravel

One configuration of the product, which consists of three square charging pads, joined by a clever hinge mechanism, is to lay them flat, giving the aforementioned three chargers in one.  Each pad can support up to 10 W fast charging.  But here’s where it gets interesting.  Thanks to the hinge, you can fold up the end pads, and the Unravel now becomes a charging dock.

Unravel Dock

But wait, there’s yet another configuration.  You can stack the pads one on top of the other, for use as a single charger, or for storage in the carry case.

Unravel Stack

If you have a USB-C charger, then you can go with the basic package priced at US$69.  There are many other packages that add a charger and other accessories.  Check them out at their Indiegogo page.

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