CES – LumiCharge Shows Second Generation Smart Lamp

LAS VEGAS, NV – LumiCharge is showing the second generation of their smart lamp at CES Unveiled 2019.  Balaji, VP of Operations and CEO, outlined the features of their upcoming product.

The charging portion can handle any phone or device, with a rotating selector for the type of charging connector which can be Lightning, micro USB or USB-C.  There are also two USB-A ports for charging other devices.  The second generation also includes a 10 W Qi charger.

The LED lighting portion of the system is flexible, in that you can choose from three different color temperature settings.  The LED can enter be turned on manually, or can be activated by an infrared motion sensor, and new in the second generation, a light sensor so you can turn on the lamp when i gets dark.

LumiCharge Smart Lamp

Finally, there’s a display which will show the time, day, date and temperature.  The retail price of the first generation unit is US$129, now on sale for US$89.  The second generation product will be available in Q2 2019 for a retail price of US$139.

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