CES – Modpack Is a Battery Pack, But It’s Also a Customizable Electronic Utility Device

LAS VEGAS – Moduware demonstrated Modpack at CES. This very curious and interesting device is battery pack, but it’s one that lets you build your own electronic utility device with replaceable modules. Jason Ko, Co-Founder and CEO, told us more.

Modpack with Modules

The Modpack’s core power bank has 5600mAh capacity, which is plenty for multiple iPhone charges. What makes it different are its 6 slots for modules, and a Bluetooth and micro USB connection to your smartphone. These slots let you turn Modpack into whatever you need it to be.

The first set of modules to be available include Speaker, Battery, Backup, SD CardUSB, Temperature and Humidity, LED, Laser Pointer, Hotkey, Air Contaminants, and Air Quality.  Some of the upcoming modules include Carbon Monoxide Sensor, Temperature, Humidity and Altitude, Laser Distance and 2nd SIM Card and Infrared Remote.

This means you could take Modpack camping and use it as a light and Bluetooth speakers. You could take it to the office for speaker calls and use it as (an admittedly large) laser pointer. You could have it measure air quality in your home, etc. The video below shows how interacting with some of these modules works.

The Modpack Standard, which includes a Modpack, one Speaker, one USB, one Temperature and Humidity, and one LED modules should be available in March 2018.

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