Curve is an app that gives you a prepaid Mastercard that you can load on demand, and it just added support for Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Curve

You can link any payment card you have to the Curve app, then use the Curve card to spend from one of those cards. It’s kind of a workaround that lets you use any of your cards with Apple Pay.

You can add your Curve card to Apple Pay on your iPhone directly through the Curve app. To do that, go to the ‘Card’ tab of your Curve app and click the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button below your Curve card.

Tapping the button will prompt you to enter your full name and Curve card details in the Apple Pay wallet. Once you’ve confirmed your details and accepted the T&Cs, the registration of your card on Apple Pay should be complete!

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Curve is an app that gives you a prepaid Mastercard that you can load on demand That’s not really how Curve works, and you cover it better in the next paragraph. Curve let’s you route a card transaction to one of your other cards, to a default card, changing it before a transaction or by changing it afterwards (they refund and recharge, in that case). In effect they act like PayPal does, but give you a card to use at a retailer just like any other card. How is it useful? Perhaps you have multiple cards which you use for… Read more »