GameMaker Studio 2 for Mac in Closed Beta

GameMaker Studio 2 from YoYo Games has entered into a closed beta for macOS. It lets developers easily create video games for mobile, console and desktop. It also features a Drag and Drop system (DnD) that lets people with limited coding skills use it too. Available already for Windows, GameMaker Studio 2 for Mac will bring these tools to Mac developers, too.

creating levels in gamemaker studio 2
Coding game levels

GameMaker Studio 2 for Mac

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, GameMaker Studio 2 will give you powerful game creation tools. Once you’ve created your game, the platform also gives you monetization tools. These include in-app purchasing, advertising, analytics and user engagement. Some of the new features include:

  • New level editing features: new layer-based level editing gives developers the ability to create more complex visuals with backgrounds, tiles, instances, assets and paths. New features also include level inheritance to create multiple levels at once, and an advanced tiling system that automatically selects the right tile for the job.
  • Cross-platform development: available already for Windows (Vista and above) and soon for macOS, developers can target development across multiple platforms including Windows Desktop, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android (including Android TV), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and more.
  • Workflow enhancements: a new innovative workflow and seamless path from DnD to actual code with multiple workspaces, user definable resource views, real-time updates from one editor to another, and cross platform source level debugging.
  • Native extensions: Game Maker Language (GML) supports all native targets to simplify the cross-platform development.


GameMaker Studio 2 is in closed beta for the Mac now. The game engine retails for $99 on Windows, with a free trial for trying it out.

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