IKEA is Making HomeKit Smart Lights Affordable for Everyone

IKEA smart lights getting HomeKit support

IKEA’s reputation for budget priced furniture carried over into smart lights last year, and now it’s about to do the same for HomeKit, too. The retailer’s low cost TRÅDFRI smart lights are getting HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home support this year at prices that undercut Philips Hue and other smart light products.

IKEA smart lights getting HomeKit support
IKEA adding HomeKit support to its smart lights

The TRÅDFRI smart light starter kit includes a hub and two dimmable white-only lights to get you up and running. Companion apps for controlling the lights will be available, and Alexa Skills are on the way, too. HomeKit is Apple’s smart home device management platform.

IKEA’s TRÅDFRI Gateway starter kit costs US$79.99, which includes the hub, a remote control, and two light bulbs. Philips comparable product, the Hue White Starter Kit is $10 cheaper, but doesn’t include a remote.

Compared to Philips’ other starter kits, however, TRÅDFRI Gateway package is a deal. The Hue White Ambiance kit, which also white-only bulbs, costs $129.95. The Hue White and Color Ambience kit is priced at $199.95.

Pricing for additional IKEA smart bulbs starts at $11.99 and tops out at $19.99, depending on brightness. That undercuts the Philips Hue White Extension Bulb’s $14.95 price point at the low end, and the Hue White Ambience Bulb’s $29.95 at the high end.

IKEA doesn’t, however, offer color bulbs, so if you’re looking for more than dimmable white lights Philips Hue still has the advantage. That said, IKEA’s TRÅDFRI line is an affordable option if you’re looking to get into smart home lighting—and HomeKit—without spending loads of money.

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