iOS 13.5 Will Auto-Share Your Medical ID With First Responders

ios medical ID icon

In the beta versions of iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5, a feature will automatically share your Medical ID when Emergency SOS is activated (via 9to5Mac).

Medical ID + SOS

With this version of iOS, customers an opt into this feature that will send their Medical ID data to first responders when Emergency SOS is activated. This should help them work faster by already having your information when they arrive at your location. Data in the Medical ID includes weight, height, allergies, medical conditions and notes, emergency contacts, and more.

ios medical ID icon

Introduced with iOS 8, the Medical ID contains the information above, and can be accessed from the lock screen without a passcode. Emergency SOS was introduced in iOS 11. It’s an opt-in feature that will automatically call your country’s emergency services by pressing the power button five times (on older devices), or pressing and holding the power button and a volume button (on newer devices).

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