iPhone X Cases with Wood and Stone Backs from WÜD Life

Private Collection from WÜD Life

WÜD Life has some really interesting cases for iPhone X, as well as older iPhone models and even some Android devices. There are two main product lines, WÜD with a wooden back, and RÖK with actual stone on the back.

The company sent me a sample of each for iPhone X. Since I’m still waiting on my iPhone X, I can’t test the cases yet. But they look great, and I wanted to tell you about them.

That WÜD Life

WÜD’s titular product are its WÜD cases. They’re plastic and rubber cases with a 1 millimeter-thick slab of wood on the back. There are a variety of woods available, including a new burled wood line announced Tuesday. I’ll get to those in the next section.

Rosewood Case for iPhone X
Rosewood Case for iPhone X

The wood is layered, treated, and coated with a protective layer “to prevent the case from scratching surfaces or causing damage,” according to the company. Because we’re talking about real wood, each case is essentially unique, and they range in price from $19.95 to $39.95. Wood options include chestnut, cedar, Italian Ebony, Rosewood, and several burled woods.

The company has an infographic describing how the wood cases are produced, as well as one about burled woods.

Private Collection

I think these cases are gorgeous. They’re from the “Private Collection,” and are also made from burled wood. Similar in construction to the process described above, the backs are from blocks of burled wood that’ve been dyed some of the lovely colors shown below. They’re priced at $39.95.

Private Collection from WÜD Life
Private Collection from WÜD Life

RÖK Cases

As gorgeous as the burled wood cases are, I’m most interested in the RÖK cases, mostly because I’ve never seen anything like it. The cases are similar to the cases above, but rather than wooden backs, they have 1 millimeter slabs of stone for the back. The stone is attached to a layer of adhesive, another layer of fiberglass, and then a background material.

Aztec RÖK Case for iPhone X
Aztec RÖK Case for iPhone X

RÖK cases are available in finishes called Meteor, Aztec, Space, Mars, Crater, Canyon, and Volcanic. The sample I received was a Space model, and the first thing that leapt out at me was the textured surface. It’s not smooth, but rather wavy and rough. I don’t yet know how it will behave in my pocket, but I do intend to test it.

RÖK cases range in price from $29.95 to $39.95.

Check out the infographic on how the company makes RÖK cases.

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