iOS 11.2 Brings App Subscription Discounts, But There’s a Catch

Apple introduced in-app subscriptions with iOS 10, and in the next version update it will bring app subscription discounts. Right now developers can offer an introductory free trial for a subscription. In iOS 11.2 they will also be able to introduce reduced prices for these subscriptions for a set period.

iOS 11.2 is currently in developer beta, and is expected to enter public beta soon.

Introductory Pricing for Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

The catch is that these discounts will only be offered if you have auto-renew enabled. The iOS 11.2 beta notes say:

Soon, you’ll be able to offer new customers a discounted introductory price for your auto- renewable subscriptions on the App Store. iOS 11.2 introduces new classes (SKProductDiscount and SKProductSubscriptionPeriod) and new properties on SKProduct (subscriptionPeriod and introductoryPrice) to provide details on the introductory pricing and billing period you’ve selected for your auto-renewable subscriptions. You can use these new API additions to localize and display information about introductory pricing to your users. You’ll be able to configure introductory pricing on your in-app purchase page in iTunes Connect soon.

Of course, you can still cancel the subscription before the trial ends. But if you forget, that auto-renew will start charging you. Developers can choose between different durations for a free trial: 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Apple provides additional details on how it will work:

Image of app subscription discounts settings in App Store iOS 11.2.

  • Auto-renewable subscriptions on all Apple platforms are eligible.
  • Subscribers must accumulate one year of paid service.
  • Excludes free trials, bonus periods, and 60-day grace periods.
  • Moves between subscriptions in the same subscription group do not affect the 85% revenue after one year.
  • A move to a subscription in a different subscription group resets the days of service, and you will receive 70% of the purchase price until one year of accumulated service passes.

Customers can manage subscriptions in the account settings on the App Store. For each subscription you have, you’ll see all the renewal options with the ability to switch between service levels. You can upgrade, downgrade or crossgrade at will.

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