New Mophie Battery Packs Charge via Lightning Cable

New Mophie battery packs charge via a Lightning cable. This means you can cut down on yet another cord from your collection. Right now they’re only available in Apple retail stores, Apple online store, and Mophie’s website.

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Mophie Battery Packs

As I loaded my backpack with a couple of battery packs a couple of days ago, I wished that I could find one that charged with a Lightning cable. My wish came true.

New Mophie battery packs charge via a Lightning cable.

Each Mophie Powerstation includes an LED indicator and will give you anywhere between 20-70 hours of battery life, depending on the model. One model is a standard battery pack, and the other comes with its own built-in Lightning cable to power your iPhone.

Both models come in two sizes. The smaller models are US$60 and US$80, while the bigger models are US$100.

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