A New Drone Is Coming To Apple Stores

A new drone on the market called the Hover Camera Passport will soon be sold in Apple retail stores. Made by Chinese startup Zero Zero Robotics, and it will soon be available for in-store purchase at retail locations around the world.

Drones at 

The Hover Camera Passport is available for purchase starting today on Apple’s online store. You can watch a live feed of whatever the drone sees on your iPhone or iPad. It shoots 4K videos and can take 13MP photos.

View of hover camera Passport drone
Hover Camera Passport drone

The drone also has facial tracking software, which sounds cool and disconcerting at once. It’s safe to use, as all of the propellers are contained inside the body. According to a review of the drone by Quartz, it looks very portable so you can throw it in a bag or purse. It’s also easy to set up, without any complicated series of steps like other drones.

All you have to do is charge the batteries, download the app, connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi network, and you’re good to go. The review notes it’s very loud compared to other drones. It costs US$499.95 and is available for immediate purchase.

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