For Your Next Coffee Table, How About a Smart Table?

The Sobro Smart Table, a connected coffee table

There are lots of coffee tables, but wouldn’t it be cool if yours could do more? For example, maybe it could serve you cold drinks, charge your iPhone and iPad, and even provide power to your MacBook? Going even further, how would you like a set of Bluetooth speakers built into your smart table? If that sounds far-fetched, this new campaign on Indiegogo might make a believer out of you.

The Sobro Smart Table, a connected coffee table
The Sobro Smart Table, a connected coffee table

Introducing Sobro, the Smart Coffee Table

The folks from StoreBound have developed a prototype of what they’re calling a “smart coffee table,” called Sobro. This smart table features a refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, electrical outlets, and even LED lighting. All of this is in a very elegant, modern design. Like many modern coffee tables, Sobro has a tempered glass top. Taking modernity a step further is the touch screen interface beneath the glass.

Sobro's touch screen, which makes it a smart table
The touch screen interface of the Sobro smart table

With that touch screen, you can control Bluetooth, audio, lights, and drawer temperature right from the tabletop. It can even connect to your Bluetooth-enabled smart TV. That means you can pump the audio from your television set right to your smart table. Take a tour of Sobro in the video below.

Want to Know How to Get Your Own Smart Table?

Sobro launched its Indiegogo campaign on March 16, 2017, and has already exceeded its US $50,000 initial funding goal. Further plans, if the campaign raises enough funding, include offering additional color options beyond the white shown here. You can reserve your own Sobro table for as little as $499 plus shipping if you act quickly. Once the Super Early Bird and Early Bird spots are gone, the Sobro costs $699 on Indiegogo.

That is still less than the suggested retail price. What is that retail price, you ask? A cool $1,500. The smart table is expected to ship in September 2017.

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