Pages, Keynote, Numbers Updates Add New Shape Libraries, More

Mac iWork apps updated

Apple rolled out updates for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on the Mac that add in more than 500 professionally drawn shapes.

Mac iWork apps updated
iWork apps get loads of new shapes

Along with the new shapes library, the iWork updates added support for replying to comments and joining threaded conversations, improved autocorrect and text replacement options, added print preview for collaborative spreadsheets, added linked text boxes in Pages, and more.

Pages 6.2, Keynote 7.2, and Numbers 4.2 are free updates through the Mac App Store.

2 thoughts on “Pages, Keynote, Numbers Updates Add New Shape Libraries, More

  • Sadly this update also takes away the ‘live’ stoke quote option that was recently added to Numbers and replaces it with the previous day’s close.
    It’s still a useful feature, but now less so. 🙁
    I was jumping for joy when they originally added live quotes in, now not so much.

    I’m sure there’s a really good reason, but they are selling the change as an improvement and added feature, which it really isn’t!

  • Nice to see more updates on Pages, especially linked text boxes. Now all I’m missing from the old Pages is the ability to view pages side-by-side. But we’re getting there. 🙂

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