Rack Mounted Mac Pro Available for Purchase

Image of Mac Pro rack mount

A version of the 2019 Mac Pro that can be mounted on server racks is now available for purchase starting at US$6,499.

Rack-Mounted Mac Pro

This version is the same Mac Pro with the same configuration options. But instead of using wheels like standard Mac Pro it uses stainless steel slide rails to be mounted onto a server rack.

Rack mounted Mac Pro 2019

The base model for the rack mounted Mac Pro is the same as the standard model: 32 GB of RAM, 3.5GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W processor, and 256 GB of storage. The price is really the only difference, because the standard model starts at US$5,999.

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One thought on “Rack Mounted Mac Pro Available for Purchase

  • This must be the only site where nobody complains about the price or demands a cheaper modular Mac. 🙂

    For comparison, Apple’s Xserve G4 was introduced at $2999 (single processor) and $3999 (dual processor) in 2002.

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