Apple’s AirPlay 2 Coming to Sonos in 2018

Sonos Announces Airplay 2 Support in New York

NEW YORK CITY – Sonos announced Wednesday support for AirPlay 2, coming in 2018. Details about supported speakers were sparse, but throughout the presentation the company said the brand new, voice-controllable Sonos One would support AirPlay 2. So that is definitely on the list.

Sonos Announces Airplay 2 Support in New York
Allen Mask, Sonos VP of Partnerships, live on stage at Wednesdays Sonos event

It’s also reasonable to assume that the current-generation PLAY:5 will work with AirPlay 2, since that’s what was used to demonstrate the feature. Whether this will work with other Sonos speakers, though, no one is currently saying.

Based on the evolution of Sonos’s technology, I would venture to say that the PLAYBASE, PLAYBAR, and PLAY:1 will also support AirPlay 2, but that the older PLAY:3 and original PLAY:5 might not. As we get more information, we’ll be sure to share.

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  • I really like their stuff, this will be super cool! I wish Apple had been pushing AirPlay more from the start, they were way ahead of the pack with it initially, but better late than never, I suppose. 🙂

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