TrackR Delivers New pixel, wallet 2.0, atlas Products, and Alexa Integration

LAS VEGAS — At CES Unveiled 2017, TrackR demonstrated several new products in their line of personal item management devices.  In other words, they help you find not only your stuff, but stuff that other people have misplaced.  Mia Costa, Vice President of Marketing, summarized the new offerings.

TrackR pixel

TrackR Pixel

The first new item is the TrackR pixel, similar to their bravo unit, but with a smaller diameter (1.03 in versus 1.22 in) and slightly thicker (0.22 in versus 0.14 in).  It also sports an LED, which can be used to help locate an item, and sports the same user-replaceable battery, item ringer, phone finder and crowd GPS as the bravo.  It’s also available in 10 different colors, and the price for a single unit will be US$24.99, versus US$29.99 for the bravo, with pricing going down if you purchase multiple units.

TrackR wallet 2.0
TrackR wallet 2.0

TrackR Wallet 2.0

The next new is the TrackR wallet 2.0, an upgrade to their original wallet product, which now sports a square, carbon fiber housing instead of rounded plastic, and is thinner (2 mm versus 4 mm) than the original.  The TrackrR wallet 2.0 is available for pre-order for US$24.99.

TrackR atlas
TrackR atlas

TrackR atlas

While announced last year, the TrackR atlas product is now available for pre-order.  TrackR atlas is a device that you plug into each major room in your house, and connects to your home Wi-Fi network.  The practical offshoot being that if a device, using a TrackR or third party Bluetooth tracking device,  is out of range of your smartphone, but within range of an atlas, it will be found and you can get a specific location.  TrackR atlas can also provide notifications when an item enters or leaves a room.  Pricing ranges from $39.99 for a single atlas, to $200 for a 10-pack, with other pricing options available.

Finally, TrackR now has some level of Alexa support, where you can use it to find your phone, and some TrackR-enabled items.

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