Why Apple’s Polishing Cloth Costs US$19

A Closer Look at Apples 20 Polishing Cloth

There was much derision when Apple’s polishing cloth, costing US$19, was unveiled. The price seems extortionate for such an item. However, there is a theory behind the price point that the company uses for a range products.

Apple’s US$19 Polishing Cloth Hits Pricing Sweet Spot

A US$19 price point is regularly used by Apple for its accessories. Gene Munster, managing partner at venture-capital firm Loup Ventures, told The Wall Street Journal‘s Dalvin Brown:

When you go below $20, those people don’t think twice about it, even if [the item] could be competitively priced at $1.

It also hits a sweet-spot of not being too cheap either. “At $19, you get the charm-pricing benefits, but it also sends the signal that this is a premium product,” explained Abir Syed, partner at e-commerce consulting firm UpCounting.

No wonder that when I checked the Apple Store online, the polishing cloth had a shipping time of six to eight weeks…

Apple Polishing cloth shipping time

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    Such dry procedure to clean the Apple Mac matte nano-texture glass screen with a cloth will ruin (SCRATCH) the display if it contains dust; and mostly if it contains a lot of dust. It is better to remove such dust first, with a air blower, anti-static magic duster or hoover.

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