There’s a new scam out there targeting Mac and iPhone customers. West Virginia newspaper The Herald Dispatch reported that people are scam phone calls from would-be crooks claiming to be from “Apple Support,” “Apple Inc.,” or a local Apple Store.

Hackers demand $75,000 from Apple as extortion with threat to wipe out millions of iCloud accounts

This is similar to scammers claiming to be from “Windows,” something that’s been happening for years.

Their pitch is that your iCloud account has been hacked, and that they can fix it if you’ll just give them remote access to your Mac. Presumably they are installing malware onto victims’ Macs.

Avoid Scam Phone Calls

Don’t fall for this scam. Your iCloud account isn’t likely to be hacked (there haven’t been any actual hacks of iCloud to date). Apple wouldn’t call you if it did happen, either. More importantly, they wouldn’t need access to your Mac to “fix” it.

Our regular readers know this, but we all have people we know, love, and provide tech support for who don’t. This would be a good time to remind them of basic security issues, such as don’t give the jackanape on the phone access to your Mac.

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It would be fun to jack with these scammers. Keep them busy, sounding like you are going to give them what they want but always managing to foul up or not understand their instructions. Basically, just do what our parents do when we are trying to provide tech support to them. 😄