That Time Apple Hid This Job Posting Deep in Its Website

Apple logo from a hidden job posting

Who says Apple doesn’t have any fun any more? Take this job posting uncovered by ZDNet’s Zach Whittaker. It’s for an engineering gig at Apple, only it was hidden.

Mr. Whittaker found the listing (below) at (though it’s since been deleted), a URL without links pointing to it. As The Daily Mail put it, if you wanted the job, your interview began before you ever applied.

Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

As noted above, the document no longer resides at that URL, and we don’t know if it was removed or simply moved. While it was up, however, the job was for a distributed network engineer comfy with Java 8 who wanted to work with tens of thousands of servers and millions of hard disks.

Sounds like a cool gig, but I am just totally in luuuuurve with the idea that Apple hid this posting. I suppose it’s possible it was some kind of mistake, but I want it to be real. There’s something super cyberpunk about it.

Mr. Whittaker’s tweet:

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