A Quarter of Netflix Subscribers Also Have Apple TV+

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Around 25 percent of Netflix subscribers also have Apple TV+, according to data released this week by software firm Reelgood (via AdWeek.) That’s higher than the percentage of Netflix subscribers who pay for HBO Max (13 percent) and Peacock Premium (just 3 percent). Meanwhile, close to 90 percent of subscribers to Peacock Premium, Apple TV+, and HBO Max also subscribe to Netflix. As for the other services, 85 percent of Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ subscribers also subscribe to Netflix.

How Users Pair Netflix With Other Streaming Services

Digging a bit deeper, the data shows that 91 percent of Apple TV+ subscribers also subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and nearly 80 percent also subscribe to Hulu and Disney+. Meanwhile, 82 percent, of Disney+ subscribers also had Prime Video, and 70 percent also had Hulu.

Reelgood streaming service data

The data lends credence to the theory that streaming fans are not giving up established players for newcomers, but instead making their own bundles, with Netflix largely seen as the essential. The data also suggests that users are not heading to free, ad-supported versions of a service, with the exception of Peacock’s free tier. Reelgood allows users to put all their streaming services in one place. The data came from the service’s 2 million U.S. users are signed-up to.

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