Apple TV App Comes to Some 2018 LG TVs

The Apple TV App Comes to Some 2018 LG TVs

The Apple TV+ service launched in November 2019. Right away, Cupertino began coming up with ways to get more subscribers. The iOS and tvOS ecosystems were a given. Still, Apple wanted to reach a broader audience. To make the subscription-based service more attractive and accessible, an Apple TV app was added to some televisions. Select 2019 models from LG’s lineup were first. LG promised to one day bring the streaming content to 2018 televisions, and it looks like that day has come.

Apple TV App and LG Home

Several Twitter reports, as well as a reader tip to MacRumors, point to Apple TV showing up on some 2018 LG televisions in the LG Home app launcher.

After installing the app, users can rent, purchase, and watch television shows and movies from their iTunes libraries. They can also subscribe to Apple channels. Of course, the app also allows you to subscribe to and watch Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ allows you to get original content through a subscription
With Apple TV+, you will get access to original content

Can I Get the App on my 2018 LG TV?

LG has not divulged which 2018 televisions will offer the app. Out of the company’s 2019 lineup, all OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs (SM9X and SM8X), and UHD TVs (UM7X and UM6X) were compatible.

If your TV isn’t included in the update, there are plenty of other devices you can turn to for Apple TV App compatibility.

By October 2020, LG’s 2018 smart televisions will support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, too. We expect to see the “SK” and “UK” LED models, as well as “B8” through “Z8” OLED televisions, receive that update.

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