Calling Remote Workers: Move to Vermont and get up to $10,000

Calling all remote workers: Vermont will give you US$10,000 if you move there. Applications open January 1, 2019 (via Fast Company).

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Remote Workers

Vermont wants more remote workers in the state as a way to address its diminishing population. Joan Goldstein, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development, said:

We’re the second-to-smallest state in the nation, and we’re also getting older, so we really need to make sure there’s more of a workforce here.

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To apply for the Remote Worker Grant Program you’ll have to move to Vermont first. The program offers reimbursements and not money in advance. If you can prove you have a full-time remote job, you can get paid back for moving expenses, internet bills, or memberships in co-working spaces. The grant offers up to US$5,000 a year for two years.

You can start the application process here.

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