Movo's All-in-One HD Webcam, Mic, and Ring Light Shipping Now

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These days, the work-from-home movement is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, much of our gear for video conferences isn’t up to snuff. We face video problems on calls, unclear audio, and poor lighting. Fixing all of these could cost hundreds of dollars in audio-visual equipment. Or, we could simply try out the Movo WebMic HD Pro, a Kickstarter campaign beginning to ship in the US now. Movo is known for helping empower content creators, and now aims to help remote workers look and sound their best. The WebMic HD Pro features a built-in 1080p camera, cardioid condenser microphone, headphone monitoring port, and an integrated LED ring light. Kickstarter pricing is $119, a 30% discount off the projected retail price.

Virtual Meeting Miscues Can Get You Fired

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Virtual Meeting Miscues Can Get You Fired

If you don’t believe virtual meeting mistakes can get someone fired, nearly 25 percent of executives in one survey can prove you wrong.

VR Video Conferencing Has Arrived, With a Catch

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VR Video Conferencing

If you’ve been looking for a more realistic experience in remote collaboration, VR video conferencing is here. You might not like it, though. It’s made by those folks at Facebook, who have proven not the most reliable when it comes to your privacy.

Working From Home Isn’t For Everyone, But it’s Not Overrated

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Confused computer user

Writing for ˆThe New York Times, Kevin Roose says that working from home is overrated. Is it really though? I took umbrage at the sensational headline until I came to this part (emphasis mine):

But I’ve been researching the pros and cons of remote work for my upcoming book about human survival in the age of artificial intelligence and automation. And I’ve now come to a very different conclusion: Most people should work in an office, or near other people, and avoid solitary work-from-home arrangements whenever possible.

In other words, this article is an ad for his book. Moving on. To be fair, if you tend to fall on the extroverted end of the spectrum, maybe remote work isn’t best for your mental health. But calling it “overrated” just because you don’t care for it is simplistic.