Review: iPhone 12 Leather Case Provides Elegance and Protection (Journey)


Today we are going to review the Leather Case for the iPhone 12 from Journey. Choosing a case for your iPhone can often be a challenge. At least, it is for me. When it comes to a case, I like something that both protects my iPhone and makes a statement. With the Leather Cases from Journey, they definitely make a statement and provide adequate durability.

Journey is a consumer brand of Alogic, which is a leading manufacturer of a premium range of IT peripherals, consumer electronics and mobility products. Journey is an international company which manufactures mobile and tech accessories that are designed in Australia.

iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Leather Case from Journey

In addition to cases for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, Journey also offers premium leather cases for AirPods, Leather Bands for Apple Watches, a 3-in-1 Wireless Charing Station, as well as car charges and mounts.

According to Journey, the company prides itself on finding solutions through technology and simplistic design philosophies. Journey is looking to bridge the gap between form and functionality, and I would say overall they succeed with their iPhone 12 leather cases.

The Saddle Brown Leather Case from Journey has a professional look and provides adequate durability.

Concerning the leather, Journey makes sure to go the extra mile. The company sources all of its leather from well-established tanneries across the globe. For my iPhone 12 case, the leather comes from the Heinen Leather Tannery in Germany.

Symphony of Destruction for my iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone, I don’t have the best track record. While I won’t bore you with the details of a complete history of me destroying iPhones, I will say the most embarrassing time I broke my phone was when I waved hello to someone while holding my iPhone 5S. This was also the shortest amount of time I’ve owned an iPhone.

Of course, knowing that I’m beyond a klutz when it comes to phones has allowed me to learn a thing or two. For starters, I almost always purchase a sturdy screen protector. I find that a screen protector typically does an excellent job saving the screen from more severe cracks and damages. I also like to choose a phone case that I know will be durable.

While the Journey iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Leather Case looks fantastic, I’m not sure it fully suits my clumsy needs. However, while I typically need something a bit thicker with my cases, that’s not to say the Journey Leather Case doesn’t deliver. Let’s take a look at the positives before we really dive into durability.

Heck-Bent for Leather Thanks to Journey

For starters, leather can often be a power move. While it may upset your vegan friends, I still find that leather provides a durability and style that I can’t help but appreciate. Concerning the iPhone 12 Leather Case by Journey, I think it provides an excellent look for my phone.

The Leather Case from Journey also looks great in Black.

Journey was incredibly nice to send me both “Black” and “Saddle Brown” leather cases to review, and personally, I do like the black a bit more than the brown. The cases both snugly hold the iPhone in place, and I personally like that the Journey case is a bit less rounded around the edges than other cases I am used to. I really like holding my iPhone while using the case from Journey; the case does an excellent job of reminding you why you went with the iPhone in the first place.

When it comes to the iPhone, I prefer when Apple goes with the “sharper” design, such as with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, rather than the more rounded design, such as with the iPhone 11. This of course is preference, but I think the sharper edges give the iPhone a more professional look, and Journey’s cases do an excellent job of maintaining this style.

What I also like about the cases from Journey is the leather they use. Since the company imports real leather from around the world, the leather will eventually age over time. Areas will become smoother, and after time, the case will eventually develop a new look and textures. I think this is a great design aspect, as cases typically start to get rather gross the longer you use them.

Looking at Case Durability

In terms of durability, the Leather Case from Journey does an overall decent job of protecting your iPhone. Again, I am an individual prone to accidents. While I will not put my iPhone 12 Pro on the line to truly test the durability of the cases, I think the cases themselves are more intended for a corporate setting rather than say, a day at Cedar Point (which is where I cracked my iPhone 11). Though, honestly, if you are that concerned with protecting your phone, looking into both a case, such as the one from Journey, and using a screen protector will offer you the best protection.

The cases also feature Mag-Safe capabilities, and while I do not have a wireless charger (yes, I know), I do have my trusty Anker 622 portable battery, which operates just fine with the case.

Another great feature is the price. For those that are looking for leather, the iPhone cases from Journey are priced at $39.99, which is $20 less than the official Apple Store. While Apple does offer more color options, I think the Journey ones look a bit more sleek. The Saddle Brown from Journey has little accents for the buttons, which I think is a better touch rather than the all-solid colors of the iPhone cases.

The Final Word on the iPhone 12/iPhone 13 Leather Case from Journey

In the end, I really like these cases. The form-factor design really focuses on the sleek and professional shape of my iPhone 12 Pro, and I think these cases would be a great power move in an office setting. In terms of protection, I think a little bit more could have been done. On the bottom of the phone, there’s a ridge that leaves the bottom of the iPhone almost entirely exposed. While this is great for keeping the area around your speakers and charging port clean, it does leave a lot of your phone exposed.

It you don’t need maximum protection, I would highly recommend this case. If you’re like me, and practically can’t do without an OtterBox, maybe go with that. However, for those that don’t need an armory for their phone, the Leather Cases from Journey are an excellent buy.

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