Review: Totallee Lets You Change Cases Like Clothes

Totallee’s cases are slim and come in hard shell and soft shells. They’re easy to take on and off, which means you can change your cases like you change clothes. The company sent me three cases to try out.

Totallee Cases

The cases I tested were the Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, and Transparent. Totallee also has leather cases. The transparent case is soft and bendable, and comes in at 0.03”, while the Frosted cases are stiff and 0.02” thin. They’re all 0.1 ounces, free of logos, support wireless charging, and protect the camera.

Totallee frosted black, frosted clear, transparent

It was tough for me to decide which one I liked better, but ultimately I’ve been using the Frosted Black case the most. The transparent case is more grippy for your fingers though. I love the thinness of these cases. I normally keep my iPhone naked because most cases add too much thickness. But if it wasn’t for the different texture of Totallee cases, I would forget they were there.

Totallee frosted clear close up

Because they’re so thin, they’re not going to give you much drop protection. But that’s not really what these are for anyway, and there are plenty of other rugged cases. You will get protection from dings and scratches though. I also love the fact that there is are no branding or logos on the cases.

The frosted cases perfectly match the curvature of the iPhone. The edges stop just before the screen meets the aluminum, so your finger won’t brush against the case when you swipe on the screen. And this also makes multitasking easier for iPhones with 3D Touch. I can swipe in from the edge without interference from the case.


These Totallee cases are totally great, and I recommend them. The frosted cases and the transparent case cost US$29, while the leather cases are US$39. You can find them and more at

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