Premium Firefox Services Coming, CEO Confirms

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Mozilla Corporation CEO Chris Beard said on Friday that premium Firefox features will come in the future, like a VPN and secure cloud storage.

Premium Firefox

A subscription service would open up new revenue streams for Mozilla Corporation. Currently it gets 90% of its revenue from royalties from Firefox search partnerships, while 10% comes from integration with Pocket. The VPN could be ProtonVPN, given the company partnered with the Swiss VPN last year.

We also tested VPN. We can tell if you’re on a public Wi-Fi network and want to do online banking and say, ‘Wow, you really should use VPN.’ You can imagine we’ll offer a solution that gives us all a certain amount of free VPN Bandwidth and then offer a premium level over a monthly subscription. We want to add more subscription services to our mix and focus more on the relationship with the user to become more resilient in business issues.

Premium Firefox

The Firefox browser will remain free though; premium Firefox services will be optional. We don’t know how much it will cost yet, but Mr. Beard said we can expect to see these services this fall, aiming for October.

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