Firefox is Getting Much, Much, Faster

Firefox is about to get a lot faster. Parent company Mozilla said it prioritized its performance management “to-do” list to accomplish this in the latest release of the popular browser.

Making Firefox Faster

To give the browser a speed boost, Mozilla said it followed the “procrastinate on purpose” management strategy.” It announced that consequently, Firefox is now twice as fast as it previously was, and uses 30% less memory than Google Chrome too.

To achieve this Mozilla said it:

  • Deprioritized the least commonly used features
  • Introduced suspended tabs
  • Made startup after customization fast.

Protecting User Privacy

Mozilla has always made user privacy a priority. It added new privacy features in the update to Firefox. These included blocking digital fingerprint tracking and crypto mining, whereby someone uses another’s computer to mine cryptocurrency.

Users can now personalize their private web browsing experience too. Firefox introduced the ability to use saved passwords in private browsing mode. Furthermore, web extensions can be enabled or disabled in private browsing mode too. The latest version of Firefox introduced a fully key accessible browser toolbar too, for added accessibility.

One thought on “Firefox is Getting Much, Much, Faster

  • Firefox has been the best browser for almost a decade now. Open Source, customizable, analytics up the wazoo, many many add-ons like video downloaders etc. Always faster than Safari and the bugfest known as Chrome (“Rust”) They don’t use Firefox basis for the Tor browser for nothing. 📺

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