Sal Soghoian, who is the master of automation on the Mac, is hosting his own conference called CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference. The day-long event will cover AppleScript, Automator, JavaScript for Automation, Workflow, and more.

CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference with Sal Soghoian scheduled for August 8, 2017

Sal Soghoian’s CMD-D macOS and iOS automation conference is coming on August 8th

Sal will be joined by Andy Ihnatko, Jon Pugh, Jason Snell, and John Welch, and attendees can show off their automation solutions during the Open Mic Automation Slam session.

Automation is old hat beret for Sal. He oversaw Apple’s automation services for macOS and iOS for nearly 20 years before the company eliminated his position last fall. Sal didn’t, however, walk away from automation and has been active with his Mac OS Automation and Dictation Commands blogs, as well as preparing CMD-D.

CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference is scheduled for Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. An optional Scripting Bootcamp is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th, as well.

The conference schedule is available at the CMD-D website, as is registration information.

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