Scosche Announces Flashlight, Jump Starter, Power Bank Combo

Scosche PowerUp600

Scosche Industries has announced an interesting new product called PowerUp600. It’s a device that combines a flashlight, jump starter, and power bank perfect for storing in your vehicle. It will be available later this spring for US$99.99.

Scosche PowerUp600

Able to charge both gas and diesel engines, the PowerUp600 will start cars, trucks, boats, ATVs/UTVs and more. It has ample power to jump start gas engines up to 5.0 liters/ V8; or diesel engines up to 2.0 liters. It’s 600 Amp high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery has a four battery-cell design that holds a charge for up to six months.

The Spark-Free 6-Point Safety Protection System protects your vehicle and jump starter from: overheating,  overcurrent, overcharging, over discharging, short circuits and reverse connection. The PBJF600 is rated IP65 Waterproof, with the rear cap closed, and the 300 Lumen LED flashlight has four modes, including SOS. The Flashlight/Jump Starter/Power Bank kit comes with: charging clamps and cables, a car adapter and charging cable and a protective storage case.

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  • If the unit keeps beeping while it’s charging that usually means that the battery is bad. It takes about 24 hours to charge. Answer: Your starter needs to be recharged and the red insert for the alarm is out.

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