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A key component to VR and AR training and research is in the hands. For most tasks, it’s important to be able to really feel the shapes, textures, stiffness, resistance, and other tactile factors. When students in a VR human cadaver lab, for example, examine internal organs, “feeling” them can be crucial. One of the leading developers of force and haptic feedback gloves, SenseGlove has begun worldwide shipping of its new Nova product. These next-gen VR gloves will take professional VR/AR training to an all-new level.

Upscaling All Kinds of VR Training Programs

The new SenseGlove Nova features an updated flexible form-factor that’s easy to use. Also, the haptic technology and smooth tracking enable wearers to “feel” in VR better than ever. This sense of feeling includes shapes, textures, stiffness, and resistance. Four brakes, dedicated to each finger from thumb to ring finger, deliver up to 20N of force. That’s the equivalent of placing a 4.4-pound (2 kg) brick on each finger.

Coil actuator technology inside the gloves allows the Nova to provide wearers the tactile feel of impact and button clicks. The thumb and forefinger have their own vibrotactile actuators. The voice coil actuator is in the hub of the glove.

SenseGlove Nova VR gloves with Oculus
SenseGlove Nova VR gloves also work with Oculus controllers for even better usability.

Because of these technologies, SenseGlove Nova can be useful in learning how to handle hazardous materials or carry out complex task involving multiple tools and objects. They’re also useful for learning to design and test physical prototypes. In real-life terms, these VR gloves can emulate the feeling of handling a wide variety of objects, from robust engines to fragile light bulbs.

The Importance of Allowing Wide Use Scenarios for SenseGlove Nova

Gijs den Butter, CEO of SenseGlove, pointed out why it was so important for the Nova VR gloves to be as usable and accessible as possible.

Easy-to-use and accessible haptic gloves represent a huge step forward for the VR training industry. The usability of the gloves is as important as their technical features, as it delivers natural interaction and allows the ability to scale up the training process, which is why the SenseGlove Nova is lightweight, wireless, compatible with standalone headsets and easy to put on and remove.

SenseGlove Nova retails for $5,000 for a set of two gloves. Enterprise customers ordering 10 or more Nova gloves pay $3,500 per set. The gloves work with Oculus Quest and HTC Vive headsets.

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