Siri May Soon be Able to Play Spotify Content

Siri logo

It looks like some peace could be breaking out between Spotify and Apple. The two companies are reportedly in talks to allow Siri to play Spotify content.

Siri, Play Spotify

The move followed Apple’s SiriKit announcements in June. It allowed audio apps to respond to commands via Siri and play content in iOS 13. Both Spotify and Apple declined to give any comment to The Information when asked about the development.

Softening Language from Spotify

Spotify also softened its language on its website created criticizing Apple. It now says:

Only recently, Apple announced that it will let us connect with Siri to play your jams…but fails to mention our name (‘I want to play [X] on Spotify’) and your HomePod will default to Apple Music.

It previously said:

Apple won’t allow us to be on HomePod and they definitely won’t let us connect with Siri to play your jams. And don’t forget about the Apple Watch.

Despite this development, the two firms remain locked in an antitrust battle in Europe.

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