Spotify Now Has 130 Million Paid Subscribers

Spotify logo

Spotify now has 286 million monthly active users, the company announced in its latest set of results. In total, the music streaming service now has 130 million paid subscribers, far surpassing Apple Music (via Techcrunch).

Spotify Now Has One Million Podcasts in Its Catalogue

Overalll, Spotify generated around $2 billion in revenue. Alongside the 130 million paid subscribers, it had 163 million ad supported users. Interestingly, those ad-supported user grew by 32 percent compared to a 31 percent increase in premium subscribes. In its note to shareholders, the company said:

Despite the global uncertainty around COVID-19 in Q1, our business met or exceeded our forecast for all major metrics.

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Furthermore, Spotify’s podcast catalogue has now surpassed one million, adding additional pressure on Apple.

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