Spotify Update Stalled in Apple’s App Store Review Process for EU Compliance

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Another day, another Apple-Spotify incident. Apple’s App Store review process has rejected a recent update submitted by Spotify for its iOS app for the European Union. The update included in-app pricing information, a requirement mandated by a recent European Commission ruling against Apple.

What ruling, you might ask. In March 2024, the European Commission fined Apple €1.84 billion ($1.97 billion) for hindering competition in the music streaming market through restrictions imposed on its App Store. This decision stemmed from a 2019 complaint filed by Spotify.

According to Spotify, the update was in compliance with the minimum standards outlined in the EU ruling. It included basic pricing information for subscriptions and a link to the Spotify website. But something was missing; the update lacked a specific link, which was to allow users to subscribe directly through Spotify’s website, bypassing Apple’s in-app payment system.

And that, appears to be the reason for the rejection. But while we’re at Spotify, recent rumors suggest Spotify will finally launch a lossless music tier after years of delays.

Here is what a Spotify spokesperson said about it:

Apple has once again defied the European Commission’s decision, rejecting our update for attempting to communicate with customers about our prices unless we pay Apple a new tax. Their disregard for consumers and developers is matched only by their disdain for the law.

While Spotify’s update did not incorporate this specific link, the company maintains that it fulfilled the code requirements of the EU ruling. Spotify has accused Apple of defying the Commission’s decision by rejecting the update. All this comes after Apple claimed that Spotify pays nothing for its services.

Neither Apple nor the European Commission has publicly commented on the situation. 

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