Today we have come to the intersection of two glorious things: Star Wars and puns. May the Fourth be with you! Seeing as how it’s Star Wars Day, I have found some physical goods to go along with our app roundup. Bonus: Zero Bothans died to bring you this information!

Star Wars light saber rear window wiper blade

Turn your rear window wiper into a light saber because Star Wars!

Her Universe and Star Wars Day

First, you need to know Her Universe is having a sale, and they offer some more feminine Star Wars items. For instance, there’s a skirt covered in lightsabers and a cardigan with AT-ATs on each shoulder. But what’s important here is that they are having a 25% off sale on Star Wars items and that you have not lived until you have sipped tea from a Death Star Tea For One set. This deal is “Limited Time Only” which may only be today, their site is not specific about an end time.

Light Saber Skirt

Light Saber Skirt

FanWraps StarWars Stuff

Second, there’s some nifty Star Wars stuff for your car over at FanWraps. They make auto accessories, primarily vinyl car wraps and stickers, and this sale goes through May 8. While there are fun accessories at 20% off, you need to know your rear windshield wiper can be a lightsaber. If you don’t have a rear wiper, you can always pick up a vinyl window sticker that shows you are chauffeuring Darth Vader or other characters someplace.

ThinkGeek Star Wars Action Figures

As is to be expected, ThinkGeek not only has a sale happening, but if you spend $50 you can get a Maz Pin, and for $80 you get both a Maz Pin, and a Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb Pin. There’s also a stack of new stuff. So if you haven’t had a good look at the 40th Anniversary action figures or just want to see what’s new in bedding or Tiki mugs, now is your chance. (Note that some are already sold out.)

40th Anniversary ACtion Figures from ThinkGeek

40th Anniversary ACtion Figures from ThinkGeek

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