‘Succession’ Actor Dagmara Dominczyk Joining Billy Crudup in ‘Hello Tomorrow’ on Apple TV+

Jeremy Strong, Fisher Stevens with Dagmara Dominczyk

Dagmara Dominczyk, who plays Karolina Novotney in Succession, is set to join Billy Crudup in the upcoming Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow!. She will have a recurring role, Deadline reported.

Dagmara Dominczyk And Billy Crudup in Apple TV+ Orginal ‘Hello Tomorrow!’

Ms. Dominczyk (pictured above, on right) plays Elle, a rich widow with an interesting approach to investing. She has the potential to be either a partner or rival to Jack, played by Mr. Crudup. Jacki Weaver, Hank Azaria, Haneefah Wood, Alison Pill, Nick Podany, and Dewshane Williams are also in the cast.

The series was created written and executive produced by Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen, who serve as showrunners. Jonathan Entwistle is the director. Mr. Crudup, who starred in the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, is amongst the Executive producers for Hello Tomorrow!. No release date for Hello Tomorrow! was known at the time of this writing.

[Image credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO]

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