How to Rearrange Your Home Screens on iOS and iPadOS

How to Rearrange Your Home Screens on iOS and iPadOS

As we add more apps to our iPhones and iPads, we “collect” Home Screens. Over time, we might get to a point where we have one Home Screen set up exactly like we want. The problem is, that particular screen is four swipes away. Luckily, there’s an easy fix. Just like you can move apps around, you can rearrange your Home Screens.

What You Can Do to Organize Your Screens

With a few taps, you’re able to rearrange your Home Screens to be more convenient. Shuffle them around, hide screens you don’t want to see for a while, or unhide the screen when you need it. You can even delete a Home Screen completely.

Sure, moving your apps around is easy enough. You can even move multiple apps at a time, once you learn the trick to it. Still, once you have a page set up just the way you like it, widgets and all, it’s much easier to move the entire Home Screen to a more convenient location.

How You Can Rearrange Your Home Screens

The video below walks you through the whole process. To get started, tap and hold an empty part of your screen until your folders and apps start to wiggle. Next, tap the dots at the bottom of your screen.

Thumbnails of each of your Home Screens will appear. You can drag them around to rearrange them, tap the checkmark to hide pages, or tap the minus sign to delete a Home Screen.

If you hide or delete a Home Screen, you can still find your apps using Spotlight or in the App Library. Remember, you can also move individual apps using drag and drop from Spotlight.

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