If you need to move a number of iPhone apps around on your Home Screen it can be time-consuming to do it one-by-one. However, there is a way to select and move multiple iPhone Apps at the same time.

select and move multiple apps on iOS 13

Move Multiple iPhone Apps in iOS 13

  1. Hold down the first app you want to move. The apps on your Home Screen will start ‘wobbling’.
  2. Begin moving that first app.
  3. While still holding it down, use another finger to tap the other apps you wish to move – a blue number indicating the number of apps selected will appear.
  4. When you have selected everything you want to shift, keep holding down and move the selection to where you want them to go on the Home Screen.

Using this method means you can move a number of items onto a separate page or into a folder in one go. It also works with those apps in your dock. If you realize that you’ve selected the wrong item, simply release and everything is unselected again.

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