iOS: How to Hide iOS Folder Names

Screenshot of how to rename iOS app folders.
Rename iOS app folders

Lifehacker has a simple but cool tip to check out. If you’ve ever wanted to hide iOS folder names, you can do it with this little trick.

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Hide iOS Folder Names

    1. Long-press or 3D Touch on an app folder and tap Rename.
    2. Copy and paste the space between these brackets: [⠀].
    3. For easier access in the future you can paste it into Apple Notes.

The blank space contains the Unicode character of a Braille blank space. This is different than a regular blank space, which is why you can’t just tap the spacebar to rename a folder. Also, if the formatting got messed up when I pasted it from the Lifehacker article, you can find the Braille blank space here.

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