iOS 15 Device Surveillance is Scaring off Potential Android Switchers

2021 android switching survey

A survey (n=~5,000) on Tuesday from SellCell shows that 18% of Android users are considering an iPhone 13. This number is down 15% from 2020.

Key Findings

  • 18.3% of Android users would consider switching to iPhone 13 after it is released, down 14.8% compared to a similar purchase intent survey from a year ago.
  • ‘Lack of fingerprint scanner on iPhones’ (31.9%), ‘limited customizability in iOS’ (16.7%), ‘restrictions on sideloading apps in iOS’ (12.8%), ‘Android phones have better hardware than iPhones’ (12.1%), and ‘intrusive iCloud photo scanning’ (10.4%) were among the biggest deal-breakers, according to Android users not interested in iPhone 13.

Apple remains adamant in adding its CSAM detection system in iOS 15, causing many iPhone owners to consider switching. Conversely, many Android owners are dissuaded from switching. But with over a billion active iPhones in the wild, this move is far from hurting its business.

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Lee Dronick

“iOS 15 Device Surveillance is Scaring off Potential Android Switchers”
Switchers or consumers of pornography?

Lee Dronick

Seeing as I am getting downvoted let me clarify that I meant to say “child pornography”. No one cares about your adult content.