T-Mobile Offers 3% Cash Back for Apple Card

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T-Mobile is the latest company to join the 3% club for Apple Card, and the first carrier to do so.


Starting today, customers will receive 3% cash back when they use Apple Card with Apple Pay at any T-Mobile store. Remember, you have to do it through Apple Pay. If you use the card by itself, you’ll only get 1% cash back. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile:

We’re all about giving customers the best value in wireless, and we’re doing it again by offering 3% Daily Cash on Apple Card. More options. More value. And cash back, including on Apple’s newest products. It’s just the Un-carrier way.

T-Mobile has a 50% offer on the new iPhone 11 models, and you can save more money by using your Apple Card to sign up. Currently this is only available in physical stores, but T-Mobile says it will add the feature to its app and website in the future.

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