‘Ted Lasso’ Actor Says Nate The Great’s Journey ‘Adds up’ in The End

Ted Lasso Coach Beard Nathan

Nate has been not so great in season two of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. Indeed, things threatened to boil over in episode seven. However, Nick Mohammed, who plays the character, reassured fans that it will all make sense in the end.

Ted Lasso Actor Promises to Respond to Nate’s Journey After

In a tweet Tuesday, Mr. Mohammed said that he is aware of some of the discussion taking place regarding “Nate’s journey this season,” but that “it all adds up” eventually. He also said he’d respond more fully in due course.

Reading his message, it’s not quite clear if he means when season two of Ted Lasso comes to an end or when the whole show does.

Either way, hopefully, Nate will go back to being the character we all fell in love with originally. And, if not, at least we’ll get an explanation as to why.

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