The September 2020 Apple Event AR Easter Egg

Time Flies Apple Event Logo

Apple announced Tuesday that it will hold an event on September 15, at 10 AM PDT. Called ‘Time Flies’, it is assumed the Apple Watch will feature in some way, but we may hear more about the iPhone 12 too. Hidden amongst the announcement on the Apple Events website, was a little Easter – an AR-powered logo and date reveal.

Apple Event AR Logo

On your iPhone, head over to Tap the event logo. Your device’s camera will open and, thanks, to the wonders of Augmented Reality, the event logo appears in front of you – think Pokémon Go with an Apple logo. (You may have to move your iPhone around a bit.) The logo then transforms to the date the event is being held. You can also just see the logo, by tapping your screen and then tapping ‘object’.

There is also a YouTube video that lets you set a reminder for the live stream. Make sure you join us at The Mac Observer in the run-up to the event and on the day itself for all the news!

One thought on “The September 2020 Apple Event AR Easter Egg

  • I just tried it, that is so cool!
    My iPhone Xs just paid off and the battery is getting pretty low at the end of the day. I will almost certainly get a new one this year.

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