Tim Cook: Apple Buys a Company ‘Every Two to Three Weeks’

Apple with a big pile of money

Apple acquired between 20 and 25 companies during the last six months, CEO Tim Cook revealed. He told CNBC that the firm on average makes an acquisition every two to three weeks.

Apple ‘Looking For Talent And Intellectual Property’

In an interview from  Berkshire Hathway’s shareholder meeting, Mr. Cook said that “Apple is “primarily looking for talent and intellectual property” when it makes acquisitions. “We acquire everything that we need that can fit and has a strategic purpose to it. And so we acquire a company on average, every two to three weeks,” he said.

Many of the smaller purchases Apple makes are not announced publicly. Acquisitions come after other investment priorities, such as the new Apple campus, have been met, explained Mr. Cook. “If we have money left over, we look to see what else we [can] do,” he said.


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