Tim Cook Writes Open Letter to President Biden on DACA

Tim Cook announcing Apple's Racial Equity Initiative

Tim Cook has written a letter [PDF] on behalf of Business Roundtable to President Biden thanking him for working to preserve DACA.


Back in 2017, former President Trump tried to suspend an Obama-era immigration program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA. It provided protections for certain undocumented immigrants to defer being deported. If these immigrants had entered the U.S. as children could have a chance to avoid deportation.

These immigrants, popularly called “Dreamers” were eligible to receive a renewable two-year deferment. At the time Apple said it was employing 250 Dreamers. President Biden wants to give permanent legal status to Dreamers. As Tim Cook writes:

For our companies, Dreamers are invaluable members of our team. These are young people who represent the best of our country – a place where individuals, in all our diversity, can come together to realize the American Dream and build a better future for the next generation. They know America as home and deserve the chance to pursue the same opportunities this country has long fostered.

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